The Beginning of the End

My blog has been neglected lately, but not for much longer! Yesterday I finished my Super Serious Senior Sproject (I really needed that alliteration to work. I apologize). This is a big deal for me. I spent 3.5 years of college dreading this project, and the last 2 months of college wishing it would just finish itself while I sat in bed eating chocolate.

Anyhow, it is finally DONE! I wanted to share with you what I've been working on for the past semester. It's also the primary reason that there have been no comics on my blog, so this is where you can direct your anger at my infrequent posts.

Just a disclaimer because this is the internet and I feel this is necessary:
I do not own the rights to any of the photos in this book. The illustrations are all mine and copyrighted, but the images of other comic books are not my property. They have been properly referenced from their original sources and authors. Similarly, the first three chapters of text were not written by me and credit is given to the original authors. This is a student project and will not be sold. I am not (nor ever will be) making money off of these artists'/authors' creations unless I were to gain their full permission.
Without the dust jacket, so you can get an idea of the binding (which I did by hand). 

I am still surprised by how well the binding turned out! It looks like something from the library!
For those of you who are not familiar with the GMU graphic design curriculum, this project entailed designing and binding a 56+ page book. We picked whatever topic we wanted (within a few small parameters) and had two months to finish the book. The text content could be written completely by us, or be a compilation of other writers' work (which would make us the editor, not the author). Everyone's project was different and no one really had it easy for this. While I had to draw 75% of my book by hand, other people had to photograph 75%, or interview people for 95%, etc etc. We all drew the short straw. But from what I've seen of the other books, there are some fantastic pieces in our graduating class (I'm so proud of you guys :) !!!
Here's an example of a typical spread from the book. 
This was the most fun part: a section in the back that lists recommended reading. It's not just boring books about history and names and stuff. The majority are my favorite comic books that I wish someone had told me to read years ago! I hand drew each cover. Recognize any??
The super interesting image credits that I am actually kind of proud of.
96 pages later, the end!

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