Mug Girl

2 responses to “Mug Girl

  1. I hope that ending panel is me in the very near future...

    I like the purple ink. Never would have thought to use purple ink to draw out a comic. Is it Prismacolor Violet?

    The more I learn about Graphic Design and Typography, the more I enjoy your handwriting. I'm sorry if that's weird, but my handwriting is atrocious so envy with legibility is a natural occurrence with me.

  2. It's actually a Faber Castell Pitt brush pen! My boyfriend bought me a whole pack of bright colors. Since I don't have a use for purple very often, the tip on that pen is still really nice, which is why I used it hahaha.

    And I have never been complimented on my handwriting!! I am beyond flattered!!! I've always thought mine looks so sloppy.. I've been making a conscious effort to improve it (to no avail).

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